I'm a Software Developer with BSc in
Math and Information Technology.

I have solid background in JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, HTML+CSS, C/C++, Pascal (Delphi, TMT).

I also speak, read and write other computer languages, namely
Swift, Objective-C, Python, VBScript, Assembler.

I can... I have experience in configuring and administering LEMP and LAMP solution stacks running on
FreeBSD and Linux (Debian & CentOS).

I did... My latest professional achievement is TabsFolders - Bookmarks manager browser extension.

I use... My favorite code editor is Sublime Text (after using Notepad++ for few years).
I like to improve the tools I use, this is why I use tons of productivity plugin for my editor.

My favorite programming language is JavaScript.
I'm happy it is available in so many environments: all Browsers, Browser Extension, servers (Node.js), Windows, editors (PSPad), and even mobile apps (Cordova, PhoneGap).

My favorite version control system is Git.
  I love Open Source. Whenever possible I share cool things with the world (check out NPM and GitHub).
During university years I was publishing most of the sources of applications I wrote to help others understand concepts and learn by example.
This is my Open Source report card which includes lots of stats.

My favorite Internet Browser is Google Chrome.

My favorite Game is HL2 logoHalf-Life2 .

I'm a forever learner, interested in technology, math, cryptography, science, education, the world around me.

You are welcome to check what else I can do or by all means get in touch if you’d like to speak to me directly.