I'm a Software Engineer with BSc in IT and MSs in Math.

I'm actively using and have a solid background in
JavaScript / EcmaScript, PHP, MySQL, HTML+CSS, Bash.

I also have a solid background in
C/C++, Pascal and Window Batch, but haven't been using these languages for some years now.

I also speak, read and write other computer languages, namely
Go, Swift, Objective-C, Python, VBScript, Assembler.

My favorite programming language is JavaScript.
I'm happy it is available in so many environments: all Browsers, Browser Extension, servers (Node.js), Windows scripting, editors (PSPad), and even mobile apps (Cordova, PhoneGap).
Heck, you can also embed it anywhere! Btw, have you heard of QuickJS?

I can... I have experience in configuring and administering LEMP and LAMP solution stacks running on
FreeBSD and Linux (Debian & CentOS).
For many reasons I don't have to enumerate here, I love Docker!

If I show you my ~/.* would you show me yours? 😊

I use... My favorite code editor is Sublime Text (after using Notepad++ for few years).
But lately, I'm bouncing between VSCode for its richness in functionality and extensions, and the old friend Sublime Text for its snappiness and ease of code navigation.
I like to improve the tools I use, this is why I use tons of productivity plugins for my editor.

My favorite version control system is Git.
Before I knew there is Git, I've created my own Version Control Script out of need: Bak.Bat.

  I love Open Source. Whenever possible I share cool things with the world (NPM, Packagist, GitHub).
During university years I was publishing most of the sources of applications I wrote to help others understand concepts and learn by example.

I did... My latest professional achievement is TabsFolders - Bookmarks manager browser extension.

My favorite Internet Browser is Google Chrome.

My favorite Game is HL2 logoHalf-Life2 .

I'm a forever learner, interested in technology, math, cryptography, science, education, the world around me.

You are welcome to check what else I can do or by all means get in touch if you’d like to speak to me directly.